Comic Life

This is my Wisdom Tale! The comic above is based of of the wisdom tale Feathers. It’s moral is to “Think before you act”. Wisdom tales are tales that have a moral. I chose the wisdom tale, Feathers, because I thought that this tale has a very important moral. The moral is very important for everyday life and I wanted to show that to people.

I created my comic using Sketchbook and this was my first time use in Sketchbook. I had a friend help me figure it out. And having that extra help really helped me accomplish what I wanted to accomplish and finish my comic. I really love using the layers, I thought that those were very helpful. Making this comic was really fun for me and I hope that I could see some of your comics!

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My Interests


This is a picture of the gondolas in Telluride, Colorado.

I am love to travel! I love to see amazing places! I also really like to back. When I was younger I went traveling with my family around the country for two and a half years. My favorite place I visited was the Red Woods. The Red Woods are amazing! They are so beautiful and the trees are so tall. I also really liked visiting Arizona. When we visited Arizona it was the perfect temperature. It was about 72 degrees during the day and nice at night. We also stayed in Arkansas for a little and it was terrible where we stayed! There were so many mosquitoes and mosquitoes love me so I got so many bug bites. It was crazy.

Mascarpone Toffee Bars

I also really enjoy baking! I think baking is so fun because you can try so many different recipes that all taste so different. My favorite thing to make are these mrascapona toffee bars. They have a sugar cookie crust with toffee in it. Then you melt chocolate and mascarpone together to make amazing and smooth chocolate. You add the mascarpone and chocolate mixture onto the warm crust and cool it in the fridge. Then take it out, add some toffee or sliced almonds and now you have a wonderful treat that is homemade and delicious! This is just one of the many thing that I like to make!

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My Remote Week

Hello everyone!  Last week we had a fully remote week at Durham Academy. I thought that this remote week was really positive but I would much rather be at school learning in person. Though I do think that the remote week went really well and if we did it again then we would know exactly what to do and how to do it. Having so much time not doing school work I did get to do a lot of fun things with friends! I played a lot of Minecraft and also got to just talk with friends even if we are not playing a game. Which I love to do! My family and I set up Christmas decorations. Which was really fun! To help me get focused on my work I would sometimes play calming music. My independent book that I am reading is called The Magician. I recommend this book to people who love people fantasy books. I think that this is one of my favorite books of all time! The Magician is a sequel to The Alchemyst which is the first book of the series. Outside of school, I baked a lot and my dad got a new family game called Wing Span. It is super fun but it is really hard to figure out how to play. In the end, I thought that the remote week was very successful!

Photography Club Post 1

These are my first photos I toke in photography club!

For my first few pictures I used Photo Shop Express to edit them. When I edit my photos I love to make them look warm and cozy. On Photo Shop Express you can do all of these cool things to make your picture the best it possibly can! Of course I plan to take a lot more throughout photography club but this is what I have now. If you are in some sort of photography club then I would love to see your photos! You might not have that many but show me what you have. I plan on seeing some amazing pictures in the comments!





I am grateful for:

  1. Being able to come home to a cozy and warm house
  2. Having a loving family
  3. Being able to feel safe
  4. Being able to go in person to school
  5. Being able to celebrate thanksgiving
  6. Being healthy
  7. Having food
  8. Being warm
  9. Living in a safe place

And a lot more!

What are you grateful for?
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What Book Are You Reading?

I am reading The Magician. It is an amazing book! It is the second book in the series The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel. The first book is The Alchemyst, and it is just as amazing. I really like this book because it’s really different from a lot of books! If you read these books then you just want to know who the characters are. In addition, you want to know their background. I really recommend this book to people who like fiction books, people who like magic and people that like cliffhangers! Definitely put this book on your To Read List!

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What I Noticed

Bright colorful flowers with rich smells!

A few things that I notice are amazing smells, bright colors and hair! When I say that I notice smells I mean that I notice all the different smells in a room. My  favorite places to smell amazing smells is outside, in my advisors classroom, and I love smelling candles! for example, we have this lotion that whenever I smell it it smells like my grandmother! In addition, sometimes when I walk by people they have a certain sent to them and it makes me sometimes think of my cousins or my friends or just different houses! I think smells really make my life brighter and when I smell something that really smells good it just makes me happy and it makes me kind of forget my problems.

When I say I notice bright colors, I mean that when I walk into a room I immediately see the brightest color! I know that a lot of people might think that too but, it’s not just the bright colors it’s also the bright walls like if there’s an accent wall and that’s the first thing I look at! for example, my room has really pretty floral pink wallpaper and right when I walk into my room that’s the first thing I see! I also just tend to look at the walls a lot just pictures and stuff hanging on the walls. So that also makes me look at the bright colors!

The last thing that I notice is hair. That might sound kind of weird! But when I look at somebody I don’t look at their shoes I don’t look at their clothes I look at their hair. I like to look at hair styles, hair colors, hair lengths, hair texture and anything in their hair. I also really enjoy to do hair! I think hair is really something that makes people look pretty! I think it just adds a lot to your style! Those are some of the few things that I notice throughout the day in weeks! What do you notice? Comment below what some of the things you notice are!those are some of the few things that I notice throughout the day in weeks!

What do you notice?
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Meet Scout

This is my dog Scout! She is almost one year old! Her birthday is October 28th! She is a mix of a mini Bernese and a lab! You might think that she is going to be very big but she is actually supposed to stay the size she is. She is very sweet and love other people but can be very shy! Her jaws are very strong but she will not hurt anyone intentionally. In addition, she loves to kiss people! But like every puppy, she can be very naughty sometimes! I tend to leave sock all around the house and she really like to take them. But it is not like she just takes them and chews them. She try’s to show us that she has it so we will give her a treat to drop it. So we have to especially keep my door closed.

Her favorite person in my family is my dad! So, for an example if my dad and I are standing next to each other and we both call her she’ll go to my dad! In addition, one day I was hanging out with my friend and my dad took her on a walk. When she saw us she immediately ran to my friend! I don’t think I am her favorite but she still really love me, she loves me more than my little sister! That’s only because my sister is five and sometimes attacks her! I love my dog and she is very sweet and loves people! I do have to warn you though she can be very shy and will hide behind my dad’s leg sometimes when people come to visit!




Fall Has Come

Fall has finally come! It’s pie time! It’s getting colder and it is time to sit in front of your fire with your pie! I love fall! I think that fall is so pretty! When I think of fall I think of the leaves falling and pie. The reason I think of pie is because at Thanksgiving there is a lot of pie in my house because I have a big family. In addition, I am the one that makes all the pie because my mom is not a baker.
Around the time of thanksgiving there is also Halloween! I like Halloween but I cant eat so much candy at once like my brother. I think that this Halloween is going to be very different. For this Halloween, for some people it is going to be harder to go trick or treating, depending on the neighborhood you live in. I really like the fall and I am excited to make some amazing pies this year! See you later!