Meet Scout

This is my dog Scout! She is almost one year old! Her birthday is October 28th! She is a mix of a mini Bernese and a lab! You might think that she is going to be very big but she is actually supposed to stay the size she is. She is very sweet and love other people but can be very shy! Her jaws are very strong but she will not hurt anyone intentionally. In addition, she loves to kiss people! But like every puppy, she can be very naughty sometimes! I tend to leave sock all around the house and she really like to take them. But it is not like she just takes them and chews them. She try’s to show us that she has it so we will give her a treat to drop it. So we have to especially keep my door closed.

Her favorite person in my family is my dad! So, for an example if my dad and I are standing next to each other and we both call her she’ll go to my dad! In addition, one day I was hanging out with my friend and my dad took her on a walk. When she saw us she immediately ran to my friend! I don’t think I am her favorite but she still really love me, she loves me more than my little sister! That’s only because my sister is five and sometimes attacks her! I love my dog and she is very sweet and loves people! I do have to warn you though she can be very shy and will hide behind my dad’s leg sometimes when people come to visit!




Fall Has Come

Fall has finally come! It’s pie time! It’s getting colder and it is time to sit in front of your fire with your pie! I love fall! I think that fall is so pretty! When I think of fall I think of the leaves falling and pie. The reason I think of pie is because at Thanksgiving there is a lot of pie in my house because I have a big family. In addition, I am the one that makes all the pie because my mom is not a baker.
Around the time of thanksgiving there is also Halloween! I like Halloween but I cant eat so much candy at once like my brother. I think that this Halloween is going to be very different. For this Halloween, for some people it is going to be harder to go trick or treating, depending on the neighborhood you live in. I really like the fall and I am excited to make some amazing pies this year! See you later!